JACK ROE provides a complete ticketing and concessions system that allows any movie cinema to rival the largest multiplex cinema chains in the country in terms of functionality, versatility and reliability.  The ultra-reliable platform and architecture allows the system to sell tickets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The modular cinema ticketing system allows cinemas to add and expand their system as they develop.


a complete turn-key ticketing system

Cardswipe terminals and automatic card clearing

Accept credit and debit cards at low clearing rates today


Internet booking

Offer internet booking to your customers


Self-service and reservation ATMs

Reduce staffing in the box office


Automated advanced booking

Sell up to 80% of your tickets before your doors open*

Full and detailed reporting, custom reports available

Explore the financials of your cinema, help protect against fraud and reduce managerial workload


Evening 'out-of-hours' support

Crisis support when you need it to help get your cinema online and selling tickets whatever the problem


JACK ROE has been providing computer systems for over 20 years

An experienced computer system development company with over 75 years in the cinema industry