Reserved Seating

All systems include full internet ticketing, tracking live every seat in every auditorium. The robust web booking portal has been up and running for over a decade, and has constantly been advanced with new features. It can handle reserved/unreserved/mixed seating within any auditorium, accepts member/gift cards for online purchases and has mobile-compatibility mode so that customers feel like they're in an app when buying tickets online.

No dedicated server required

With TaPoS there is no requirement for cinemas to host their own webservers and manage the associated PCI risks. All web booking is handled and managed by JACK ROE


Style your booking pages to complement your own web site - your logos, your colours and your page backgrounds. When your customers purchase tickets they have the seamless experience of moving to JACK ROE's booking site without the disruption of being faced with an alien 3rd party website.


Mobile-compatible booking

Mobile-compatible booking is included with every system. There are also Android and iPhone apps for searching through the latest movies, finding the nearest cinema and receiving custom promotional information from each cinema. It is also possible to register each handset against an email address and so view past sales as well as future bookings.

Track Usage

Track customer usage so that cinemas know how often their app is being opened, which movies customers are looking at and whether or not they are purchasing tickets. Feed this information back into customer analysis to help focus on what your customers like and what might help to bring them back to your cinema.


Ticket Kiosks

Ticket kiosks can be provided both for full-service ticket booking and also for collection-only services. Skin your ATM with company colours and logos and customise the look and feel of the software for a fully-themed custom booking kiosk.

Cardstock or Paper

Kiosks are available either with Cardstock or with paper tickets/receipts. Verifone card readers can be included in the kiosk for EMV card processing.