In todays marketplace building positive relationships with your customers is crucial in differentiating yourself from the competition.  One of the most cost effective tools in building these relationships are loyalty programs.  Loyalty programs have several benefits related to maintaining and growing your customer base .  Not only do they increase the frequency of visits by existing customers, they also turn those customers into advocates for your cinema.  Satisfied customers are more likely to talk to their friends and family about their positive experiences therefore bringing new customers into your cinema.

Reward customers with points

Points Reward your customers with points for different purchases. Incentivise spend on particular items, and let your customers choose which deals to use their points on.

Sell Memberships

Sell memberships to moviegoers to help increase loyalty and customer satisfaction, as well as improving cash flow and cinema profitability.


Single Card

Use a single card for Gift, Loyalty and Membership! Just one card in your customer's wallet can provide them with a method of buying tickets and concessions, building points and storing the cinema membership.

Having a reward system for frequent visitors makes them feel appreciated, cultivating loyal customers to your establishment.   Customers participating in a loyalty program spend more per visit while trying to unlock rewards.  Loyalty programs can also be used to view how your clients are spending their money.  Discover what days and times are busiest, what are are the most popular items purchased.  This invaluable information can be used to formulate sales promotions and focus in on target markets.

The cost of setting up a loyalty program designed to keep existing customers pale in comparison to the cost of finding new visitors.  The beauty of a loyalty program is that once the set up is complete the program effectively runs itself while you use the information gathered to implement a rewards program that effectively brings customers coming back for more.

Loyalty programs retain customers, attract new customers, and gives your cinema a positive reputation.  With ease of set up and a strong return on your investment, loyalty programs with JACRO are essential for today's cinema industry.

Set your reward scale and promote your program through social media, email, or print ads.



Offer customers a gift card that can be used at any of the locations for a circuit. Customers can spend/charge up and redeem balances at any time. Full back end reporting shows balances and age of balances on all cards.


Gift cards can be fully custom-printed for cinemas with design services provided by Jack Roe. Full colour cards with pictures of the cinema and its logo are available as both landscape and portrait cards.

Safety digits

For added security choose Safety Digits on the card - a unique code that must be revealed by the end user before the card can be redeemed.