Clocking In/Out

All TaPoS software includes a time clock for employees to easily log in and out of shifts. There are also customisable breaks for coffee/lunch etc for a complete record of all employee activity and a standalone Timeclock program for wall-mounting a dedicated time clock terminal. Flexible login options include simple pin, a secure login requiring additional personal information and also a cardswipe option.

Admin and reporting

Reporting can be summarised by employee or by date. The administration module allows managers to change time clock stamps, with all changes being logged alongside which manager made the change (for anti-fraud protection). Projecting a Sound Image Since the 1920's

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Automated Studio Grosses

Automatically report all grosses back to the studios so that there is no need for the nightly report back to the studios. With TaPoS it is also possible to automatically any reports to any email addresses, so that you can have a full report on the weekend in your inbox every Monday morning before you even arrive at work.

Centralised reporting

Reporting is centrally controlled and monitored so that the Head Office has full visibility of sales, refunds, stock takes - the complete system. Centrally control pricing, tickets and movies so that they are then pushed out to remote sites around the circuit.


Style your booking pages to complement your own web site - your logos, your colours and your page backgrounds. When your customers purchase tickets they have the seamless experience of moving to JACK ROE's booking site without the disruption of being faced with an alien 3rd party website.


Media & Search engines

TaPoS can export data to major media outlets and search engines, providing cinemas with added visibility at no added cost.


Synchronised showtimes

Export data in a variety of different formats for TMS (Theatre Management Systems) so that the showtimes feed directly from the cinema ticketing system and into the TMS to drive the show schedule, automatically starting the projectors around the movie cinema.

Multiple formats

Different TMS options are supported, so that TaPoS customers can choose between a variety of the latest Theatre Management Systems, including GDC and Rosetta Bridge.