Tabbed Concessions

Quickly tab between pages of different concessions products - drinks, combos, hot food and more. Each page can be colour-coded for quickly moving between product groups.

Mixed Ticket/Concessions

Easily add tickets to concessions sales. Combining tickets and concessions sales into a single transaction can both reduce credit card interchange costs and also help to boost concessions sales.

Button Images

Every system includes a complete library of different concessions items that is being expanded all the time. Finding concessions items using the pre-loaded images helps to keep training time to a minimum, so that new operators are up and running within minutes.

Manager Options

Access to Manager Options from within the sales interface provides cinema managers and operators with the flexibility to handle anything that happens at the box office and concessions stand, while keeping enough control to make sure that there is a clear authorisation and bread crumb trail of who authorised Manager-specific tasks.



Cinemas have reported losing 10s of thousands of dollars from a single bought of fraud or theft.  The industry is rife with stories of great scams that have been run from simply pocketing cash at the register to staff bringing in their own stock to sell, or just stock being eaten on the job and/or walking out of the door.  Numerous psychology students love to demonstrate that people who might not steal cash, will steal stock.  And once one employee starts, it spreads fast.  Every cinema manager should know exactly how many stock items there are in the building at all times, from 3D glasses to chocolate and popcorn.

Good stock control is a lot more than just 'buy an item, take an item'.  It requires recipes, different permission levels, stock adjustment reasons, stock audit tools and proper goods in/out through rigorous purchase ordering.  Once under control then maintaining good stock control is effortless and can instantly reduce one of the biggest hidden overheads at any cinema.





The option to adjust quantities, reason and comments gives you the type of detail you need to keep your business running smoothly.





“Add”, “Remove” and “Transfer” stock to truly control how stock is moving throughout your cinema.






The ‘Form’ button prints a blank stock take sheet for writing on while doing the count:

Jack Roe | Cinema IT Systems





The Stock Take screen gives you insight using variance levels that you can define yourself.


Quick and reliable

Using the barcode scanning module it is possible to quickly scan many items. It is also useful where operators are not reliably selling the correct items - the barcode makes sure that the correct product is sold every time.

Printable bar codes

It is possible to include any number of alternative barcodes for each item, and full back office maintenance provides a printout of codes for items that either have difficulty scanning or where there is no code on the packaging.