JACK ROE has been providing automated phone systems since 2001, launching its hugely popular Fone and Go® showtimes announcing system in 2008. We hear a lot of questions regarding upgrading to the service so we've listed the most popular ones here

Can I keep my existing phone number?

In most cases - yes. In 95% of cases a phone number can be moved to Fone and Go. A remote survey is performed during which we can confirm whether or not the number is reusable.

Will I still need to make recordings?

No - Fone and Go is fully automated so that customers do not need to make recordings. Times are entered into the existing PoS and Fone and Go uses this data to announce the correct showtimes to phone customers.

Will it be a computer-generated voice?

No - All voices are custom-recorded in Nashville, TN including the Spanish-language. The only time when a computer-generated voice could be heard is if fresh data has recently been imported and an unknown movie title is found (for example a one-off showing of an old movie from the 1970s). In this case it typically takes 24 hours for the new soundbite to be added to Fone and Go.

Can I use any PoS?

Yes - Fone and Go is integrated with all of the major Cinema Ticketing systems so that showtimes flow automatically from the PoS and into the Fone and Go system. The synchronisation is monitored by JACK ROE and support is provided for emergencies that are out of hours such as evenings and weekends.

Are there third-party adverts?

No - we do not sell space on your phone line to third party advertising companies.

Will customers only be able to hear my movie times?

Yes - there is no avenue whereby a caller could select the wrong cinema, or select your cinema's city and listen to a competitor's movie information.  Only your showtimes appear on the phone number that you are using.

Is it possible to have more than one cinema on each number?

Yes - it is possible to have any number of cinemas on Fone and Go on a single phone number.  Most customers have just one location per number but many have more than this.  In some cases cinemas that are near to each other and owned by the same circuit will add both cinemas to both numbers, even if in the past each number has only served a single cinema.

Can I provide multi-language showtimes?

Yes - Fone and Go provides recordings in both English and Spanish, and supports any number of additional languages as needed.  All translations are performed and recorded by a native Spanish speaker with a Mexican accent.  However, there is a cost associated with the translation and recording of each additional language so it would require a minimum number of cinemas to sign up for each new language to be added.

Can I provide movie synopses to my customers?

Yes - movie synopses are custom-written by a professional journalist and available on demand to all callers.  In this way Fone and Go can help to 'sell' a movie that the customer previously knew nothing about.  It is similar to adding posters/trailers to the cinema's website.

Am I able to view call volume?

Yes - Fone and Go provides not only logs of call volume both for the cinema and also for the circuit but also provides a 'boat race' of phone call volume so that there is an instant snapshot of how this week it faring compared to all other weeks that the customer has been on Fone and Go.  In this way Fone and Go can help to predict how busy a cinema will be ahead of the weekend so that cinema managers can manage both staff and stock accordingly.

Can I add custom recordings and manage the greeting messages that callers hear when they first call?

Yes - there are a huge number of pre-recorded sound bites and an online interface so that cinemas can manage the welcome messages that customers here when they first call.  For custom requests (special circuit-wide promotions, for example) it is possible to request custom recordings that are then recorded and processed by the Fone and Go sound studio.

What happens if I change my showtimes?

The next auto-update will pick up the showtimes, or managers can log into their interface and push through a manual update that will pick up the latest movie information an import it into the Fone and Go system.