There has been a surge in serving food at movie cinemas. The FAQ below is provided to help cinemas to overcome some of the difficulties that were faced by the early adopters.

Is there anything different that we need to do in construction?

Yes. It is very important to discuss this change with an architect who is familiar with this concept. For example it is easy to overlook the need for staff corridors so that food can be delivered without walking down the public hallways with it.

Do I need to train my staff differently?

Yes - this is critical. There are very specific rules concerning how food is handled as well as how it is stored. For example bagging and individually labeling contents of larger bags with the date that the outer container was opened. By no means is it all intuitive so training must be undertaken and food safety maintained.

Do I need to restaff?

Many cinemas involve managers with restaurant experience to help make sure that the food service is run well from the day that it is added to the cinema.

What if my supplier cannot deliver the food that I have ordered?

This can create a real headache is not prepared for in advance. Cooking devices (such as Turbochefs) have settings for specific foods and simply substituting in a different brand can lead to improperly cooked food, which in the case of undercooked food can be dangerous. Always agree with the food supplier what the alternative products will be in the event that the first choice item is not available so that the appropriate cooking settings can be immediately on-hand and easily switched in should the substitute product be needed.