JACK ROE has been providing digital cinema signage for over 10 years and in that time has built up huge experience with creating, programming and installing systems. Below are a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) designed to help anyone knew to this area of their cinema.

How often does my digital signage update?

Most digital cinema signage systems update in less than a minute. If a performance is moved in the Ticketing System, or it sells out then this should be reflected almost immediately on the cinema's signage.

What kind of TVs do I need?

Both commercial and consumer screens are in use throughout the industry. Commercial screens are designed to be power on for days at a time, and typically have 2 or 3 years warranties (with some warranties up to 5 years). However, they are more expensive than consumer screens. Many cinemas use consumer TVs/monitors for their digital signage because they are cheaper and are often on for 10-12 hours in the home environment. We have found that generally either solution is very reliable.

I would like some vertical poster cases - do I need special TVs?

It is possible to take any screen and rotate it - it will work. However, it's unknown how long it will work for. Even with commercial screens not all are designed to be rotated. The screens that can be rotated (often referred to as "portrait" mode) have their airflow designed for optimised cooling even when they are hung in portrait mode. Virtually no consumer screens are designed to have appropriate airflow when hung in portrait mode. It used to be that this impacted screen life. However, with the advent of LCD screens, and then LED backlights (cooler than the old fluorescent tubes) then there is less heat to dissipate. While we always advise that cinemas hand screens portrait at their own risk we have many customers that do this and have experienced no difficulties in several years of daily use.

What wiring should be run?

This is very system-specific. Typically each TV should have a network cable leading back to the server room. In some cases by running also additional cables it is also to save on the total hardware required. For this reason it is recommended to involve the digital signage company that will be working on your cinema as early as possible.