Ticket Sales

Quickly pass from movie to time, to ticket type with just a few quick taps onscreen. Full reserved, fully unreserved and mixed reserved/unreserved is available. Sell tickets and concessions items within a single transaction.

Advance Ticket Sales

Easily move between days for selling tickets for future dates. Tickets can be combined with tickets for today's movies in a single transaction. Pickup advance ticket sales from any ticket or concessions selling station. Search by booking code or by the last 4 digits of the card number.

Anti-Fraud Monitoring

Almost all activity is tracked so that operators' actions are logged for reviewing by their managers. In this way fraudulent activity can be tracked down and quickly handled with as easily as if a manager is watching over the shoulder of each employee.


Save time with studio presets

The Film Rental module is controlled through TaPoS' administration program, in accordance with a variety of different standard film rental calculations. Each one is adjustable for the unique film rental rates for that location.

Reports for any date range

TaPoS generates reports for any period, including periods with different studio gross calculations and produces a summary of film rental for each movie as well as a total for all studios, and all movies.


Terminal Access

Cinema managers can check drawer balances, adjust, print and reset all using the manager's over-ride within the standard PoS selling interface.

Back Office

Full control is also available via the manager's interface, for quickly removing cash from drawers at busy times without delaying ticket and concessions sales.

Mobile PoS (Tablets)

Mobile PoS

Sometimes referred to as "line-busters" our mobile PoS devices take the ticket sales from behind the counter and put it in the palm of the hand of the cinema staff. Great for cinemas on a busy night, or to take ticket sales out of the lobby and onto the street

Bluetooth Printers

Cinema tickets can be delivered using battery-powered Bluetooth printers that contain short-form ticket layouts and clip onto a belt loop.

Jack Roe | Cinema IT Systems


Fast Processing

Process Mastercard/Visa/Discover/American Express cards directly within the PoS. The system is fully integrated with back end payment systems and provides full breakdowns on credit/debit card payments and how these sales are made. Make charges to cards, partial or full refunds quickly to help keep the lines as short as possible and leave customers with plenty of time to find their seats.

Live Authorisations & EMV

TaPoS CardSecure provides live authorisations and has been providing full EMV 'chip and pin' processing since 2010