Ticketing & Pos

JACK ROE provides a complete ticketing and concessions system that allows movie cinema to rival the largest multiplex chains in the country in terms of functionality, versatility and reliability.

Digital Signage

Digital signage in movie cinemas improves the audience experience, helps to keep lines at the box office moving quickly as well as boost sales at the concessions stand.

Mobile Apps

There are also Android and iPhone apps for searching through the latest movies, finding the nearest cinema and receiving custom promotional information from each cinema.

Fone and Go®

Fone and Go® showtimes announcing system in 2008. We hear a lot of questions regarding upgrading to the service so we've listed the most popular ones here


All systems include full internet ticketing. The robust web booking portal has been up and running for over a decade, and has constantly been advanced with new features.


Digital signage in movie cinemas improves the audience experience, helps to keep lines at the box office moving quickly as well as boost sales at the concessions stand.

Booth at CineEurope 2016

Booth at CineEurope 2016



About Us

JACRO knows cinema and JACRO knows software.  We are a family owned and operated business since the 1920s with an unrivalled reputation for creativity and reliability in helping to drive profits and customers into our customers’ auditoriums.  From single screen movie palaces restored with years of renovation to circuits with massive modern multiplexes spread across thousands of miles, JACRO is the preferred choice for cinemas looking for bleeding-edge ingenuity combined with the reliability of a company as old as the cinema industry itself.


The cinema industry was founded on entrepreneurs – whether it was Thomas Edison who invented the cinema on of his international movie theatre pioneers we are an industry of showmanship and creativity.  JACK ROE worked in some of these projection booths as early as 1914, and since then JACRO has become an international brand for promoting and supporting cinemas around the world, most recently winning the International Cinema Technology Association’s Award for Cinema Technology Manufacturer of the Year.

JACRO is run by the founder’s great grandson and is internationally recognized as one of the most successful cinema IT companies in the movie theatre industry.  The JACRO difference is that we don’t just process your ticket sales we promote your ticket sales – our systems work 24/7 to help make sure that your customers  are accessing your cinema information to buy tickets, share information with their friends and receive promotions about your upcoming movies every week.

JACRO/Borderlines Film Festival Seminar 2016

JACRO/Borderlines Film Festival Seminar 2016

A Complete IT Solutions for Cinema

As a company that was born and bred into the cinema industry we understand everything from the film splice to the DCP.  We know that everything from the KDM to the xenon is critical to delivering movies, and that every ticket being always available is as import to our customers as the movies themselves.  Scheduling shows, managing staff, cleaning the projection port - cinema managers and owners are too busy to be worrying about software updates, backups or downtime.

JACRO offers a complete software suite of products.  At the forefront of our product portfolio is TaPoS, our legendary ticketing and PoS system.  Processing a ticket sale and handling inventory is old hat – we all do that.  JACRO provides a top of the line loyalty, membership and gift card system to help engage customers, drive incremental revenue and collect customer trends and information.  We handle film booking and rental so that you have total visibility of movie distributor film rental and payments.  Whether it’s from our automated CRM module for sending out emails or our Enterprise-grade pricing module for running circuit-wide price change JACRO TaPoS is chosen by both independent movie theatre and cinema circuits.


JACRO’s Cinema Signage, Premiere, is used in cinemas across the globe.  We invented the A-B-C-D of cinema signage: Auditorium, Box Office, Concessions and Directional Signage.  Our customizable layouts automatically populate everything from the title art to the posters, showtimes, to number of tickets remaining.  Once installed JACRO digital cinema signage is as reliable as an old LED or Mylar sign, but with beautiful graphics and an infinite number of configuration options.  We invented both the traffic-light method of indicating seats remaining as well as animated movie title art.

Mobile Application

JACRO’s white label customizable mobile apps put your showtimes into your customers’ pockets.  By encouraging your customers to use your own cinema app they are inviting a free advert for your cinema onto their mobile device home screen.  They can pull movie synopses, posters, showtimes and even book tickets from their mobile app.  You can collect statistics on which films they viewed, tickets they bought and pages they visited as well as pushing mobile notifications directly to their mobile device.  Add also custom pages using html so that your app has all the latest information that will help to bring your customers back to your cinema.

Automated Database

JACRO’s Trademarked Fone and Go system is the first choice for cinemas looking to enhance old showtimes recordings with synopses, multi-language features and the most efficient showtime delivery method available.  Special events like VIP, HFR or Atmos are listed separately, with the highest upsell features at the start of the recording.  New movies are announced automatically in the welcome message and multiple cinemas can be on a single showtimes line.  And not only can you improve your customer:caller ratio (sell more tickets!) but theatres no longer have to keep old showtimes lines (save money!) and no longer need to make weekly recordings.


JACRO’s Trademarked PreText SMS messaging service is ideal for customers to receive a single message with all showtimes for today, including clear labeling for special events such as Imax, DBox or Autism-Friendly performances.  Simply call the number and receive a showtimes message with all your key movie information.

Email System

No cinema is complete without automated emails sent directly to your customers.  Use our CRM module to manage your customers, send emails and monitor everything from open rate to click-through using graphical maps of the email itself showing the areas and email links that were most frequently clicked on.  Run ‘A’ and ‘B’ emails and even include promotional codes to help attract your customers back to your cinema.



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